Sunday, January 10, 2010

IMSutra Review & Bonus

Many people have been lead astray for way too long.
When IMSutra was created, Those made it a point to not include any of this
"fluffs" inside the program (chances are IMSutra customers
knows this already), and rather just focus on other core
processes that makes money. Real money.

IM Sutra can be summed up in these words: "Customer",
"Demand" and "Expectation"?

What smart customer wants, what smart customer demands,
and what smart customer expects, and how to make more
money getting to know these wants and needs of smart
customers. (Remember, I emphasize "smart", as many
marketers believe that customers are stupid, and have led
many others to the same belief using "half baked" marketing

IMSutra explains and shows in video tutorial how to
do that. Not only that. IM Sutra also teaches how to build a
red hot BUYER's list by helping out your competitor, and how
to make them your partner's when you launch yours.

how to increase the number of times you can
mail to one subscriber: from one email a day, to 5 emails a
day, without getting called "dumb spammers".

How about "switching" a list and making $7,000 from it in
24 hours, for $1.00 from your wallet and 1 hour of your time..
And here's the best thing: the list was not even mine to begin
with.. Wait, what is "switching". Again, this comes in video!


Module 1
This basically provides you with all the knowledge you need to know about starting a infoproduct business.
Module 2
In this module, learn the correct niches that you should join to kickstart your online empire. Hint- go for the competitive ones. 
Module 3
This module is perfect for those beginners who have no idea on how to start a basic infoproduct. 
Module 4
Here you will learn about IM Sutra 3 stage business plan. On top of that, product launch sequence for both huge and mini events are provided.
Module 5
Traffic, traffic, traffic! All IMSutra coveted infoproduct specific traffic methods is provided in here.
Module 6
How to get authority FAST- even before you create a product? Learn in this very module. 
Module 7
Want to capture a huge crowd everyday while building your reputation, profit and relationship in your field? Step by Step methods revealed here. 
Module 8
Go big in the industry-in fact, go very BIG like the top gurus. This is what the real big money makers are- Learn them. 
Module 9
Discover how you can tie the whole system together in this module to gain the IM Sutra advantage
Module 10
All other 'stuffs' are inside here! What stuff? you need to get IMSutra to find out!

Breeze through on what IMSutra is about:

60+ tutorial videos
Made learning super easy. We even have 21 quick start videos for info product marketing newbie’s to get them on track with info product marketing. Like IMSutra said-This is a huge course.

Visual Learner?
Watch the shoulder videos where IM Sutra teach step by step on what it do to create a info product biz empire in some of the most competitive niches online.

Covert Strategies
Advanced never before seen reports and audio sessions for effective info product marketing success rate.

Comprehensive materials
No more "feeling through the dark" with c-grade reports. IM Sutra is so detailed that it is perfect for newbie's right up to expert info product marketers.

IMSutra is going to shave off your learning curve and let you kick start your infoproduct marketing empire profits into serious hyperdrive. Start doing your infoproduct marketing the IM Sutra way!

Save time.
Leverage on our experience and knowledge on infoproduct marketing since 2004.

Make More Money.
Always wanted to make and sell a high ticket product? Learn how here.

Get Instant Authority.
Lack the guru status in the industry? Learn how to be respected and authoritative with IMSutra.

In fact, there is about 4 other main modules that is NEVER
shared or taught by many marketing gurus revealed inside.
Chances are it never will be: After all, it will make the
guru's go out of business.

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